Elves in the wardrobe

I’m a huge believer in buying from op-shops and saving clothes from landfill. And when buying new, my belief is in buying less and buying well. When I first became a mother I found it difficult to justify spending more for an item of clothing that would last longer, when I believed that the child would either outgrow it or wear it out. But the more I have educated myself on throw away fashion, the more I appreciate pieces of clothing made to last, not to be worn out, but to be handed down. And the more conscious I have been with my children’s clothing purchases. In other areas of my life I choose not to patronise big business, in favour of small businesses and handmade items, and I realised that their clothing should be no different. So, I was really pleased to work with Elves in the Wardrobe and Typically Red on this photoshoot. xx