Overcast Inspiration

Rainy days, sick children and an explosion of creativity have lead to lots of mini photoshoots around my home these past few days. The house is covered in flowers and the laundry is out of control. But, one must follow their inspiration…

Bright and Quirky

So much planning goes into a photoshoot. So many messages going back and forward. Permission for location. Model availability. Shoe size. Mood boards. Shot lists. Rescheduling when the shoot date gets rained out.

But then, when it all comes together, it is so exciting and wonderful. And so it was with this shoot. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone to shoot such a bright and quirky theme. I ran with it though with additions like giant balloons. The makeup, hair, clothing and jewellery all came together beautifully to create a stand out collection of images!

Clothing: Schudio

Bangles: Lovell Jewels

Earrings: Made by Kellie

Makeup artist: Rianna Schuh Makeup Artist

Hair stylist: Earth Palette Hair

Styling: Mumma Gypsy

Models: Dakota and Holly

Location: Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

Group shoot I

This shoot was a dream come true! The first in my offering of group shoots, where five brands buy in at $200 each to a styled model photoshoot. A way of creating affordable high quality content for creative small businesses.

Pitching the idea, finding complimentary brands, creating a vision for the shoot, pulling together make up, model, location, props - it was an exciting juggling act that came together perfectly!

The weather was glorious, the location stunning, and the luxe boho travel theme that I had envisioned was brought to life before my lens. I delivered 150 high resolution images to the clients in an online gallery that they can use as they please. And by tagging each other in their posts, they are able to have their work exposed to new audiences.

I’ll be offering one of these shoots each month for the rest of the year. Email me to express interest so that I can match you to other creative brands and create a theme for your shoot! admin@christinalowrydesigns.com

Clothing: The Natural Thread Co

Jewellery: Sinead Buckney

Bags: Pouch Design

Candles: Aromapot Soy Candles

Scarves: Homelea Lass

Model: Caroline @mummagysy

Makeup artist: Rianna Schuh Makeup Artist

Hair: Earth Palette Hair

Caravan & Props: Scouted Design

Family Shoot

I’ve had a lot of practice photographing my own children, and those photos mean the world to me. Facebook often surprises me with photos from several years ago of my eldest as a toddler, looking so much like my youngest does now. How I cherish those photos. It’s such a gift to be able to capture other families and create memories for them, and photos to look back upon as their children grow like wildfire.

I drove to the country to capture this gorgeous, connected family amongst the grass and hale bales of a cattle farm. The tenderness, laughter, playfulness and love had me choked up as I edited these pictures. That first sad face was a passing moment as she battled hayfever from cuddling a horse, but it was quickly replaced by giggles and giant leaps from hay bale to hay bale. xx

Woody Point

I had no idea there was a shipwreck so close to home. So, the children and I decided upon a history excursion, and of course I brought my camera. xx

Made Of Australia

I used to avoid possible rejection in my business, but now I embrace it. 
I’ve reached out to many businesses with my photography services and sometimes it’s a yes and sometimes it’s a no. I now know not taken the no’s personally. I may not be to their style, they may not have the budget, the time may not be right. But every no is one no closer to a yes. Like when I photographed at @madeofaustralia recently.

Model: Anna-Marie

Location: Made of Australia warehouse

Stylist: Mumma Gypsy

First Day of Winter

I’m terrible at separating life and work. The two are so entwined for me. Wherever I go, I’m weighing up locations for a possible photoshoot. As I hang the clothes on the line I’m listening to podcasts. When I flip through a magazine I’m tearing out pictures for my inspiration journal. My creative life is as much a part of my life as mothering or keeping a home. And yet, I’m ok with that. Actually, I feel blessed that the two mesh so well that I can’t imagine one without the other.

So, on an overcast day on the first day of Winter I bribed two of my children to pose for me so that I could shoot them in a little patch of nature on the side of the road that I had been driving past and coveting for some time. xx

Homelea Lass

My Mother taught me to knit as a child. I think it took me longer than usual to learn, as she’s left handed and I’m right handed. And yet somehow we managed. Years later she taught me to crochet in our back to front learning style. And now I am teaching my children those same skills.

For those without a crafty relative to pass along such skills, one can always turn to Lynda from Homelea Lass, who not only teaches traditional crafts like crochet, she also sells beautifully handcrafted pieces, yarn and patterns.

It was my pleasure to shoot several of Lynda’s gorgeous pieces with an equally gorgeous model in a beautiful cabin in the mountains. xx

Model: Julieta Roldan

Location: My Bespoke Cabin

Make up artist: Rianna Schuh

Hair Stylist: Earth Palette Hair

Stylist: Mumma Gypsy

Elves in the wardrobe

I’m a huge believer in buying from op-shops and saving clothes from landfill. And when buying new, my belief is in buying less and buying well. When I first became a mother I found it difficult to justify spending more for an item of clothing that would last longer, when I believed that the child would either outgrow it or wear it out. But the more I have educated myself on throw away fashion, the more I appreciate pieces of clothing made to last, not to be worn out, but to be handed down. And the more conscious I have been with my children’s clothing purchases. In other areas of my life I choose not to patronise big business, in favour of small businesses and handmade items, and I realised that their clothing should be no different. So, I was really pleased to work with Elves in the Wardrobe and Typically Red on this photoshoot. xx


Pip Keane Design

Sometimes life throws you a curveball and the plans that made perfect sense beforehand suddenly don’t fit so well in the new scheme of things. So it was when I started homeschooling my children. I’d been running my jewellery business and online shop for seven years around being a mother to three, with the intention of working full time in my business when all my children were at school. But after my second child went to school, that all changed. Three terms of tears every morning left us both an anxious mess. I urged my husband to consider homeschooling and eventually he agreed. My eldest also decided to leave school and join his sister at home. It worked beautifully for the children and our family, but not for my business. I struggled on for over a year, keeping up with custom orders but never finding time to design and make new collections. My business had been my creative outlet, but it began to feel like ‘work’. I sought other ways to fulfill my need for creativity and found myself back at photography.

I’ve always loved photography. I studied it as part of my major and as electives at university, but when I completed university and started working in the jewellery trade, I never imagined I would return to photography for more than documenting my children’s growth. And yet, while I worked in my jewellery business one of my great joys was designing photoshoots for my new collections. Thinking up a story, collating a mood board, sourcing props and locations, models and hair and makeup. I loved the creative jigsaw puzzle of putting a shoot together and working with other creatives.

I realised there was a real gap in the market for affordable lifestyle and product photography for small businesses. I invested in a four figure online course that I had been dreaming of taking for three years. I’d been on the waiting list that whole time, knowing that the time wasn’t right, until it finally was. I announced that I had closed my online store and was taking a break from the bench to pursue my photography, and was meet with support and a flood of jewellery orders!

And then, I started my photography business in earnest and used the skills I learnt at university, in my years in retail jewellery and in my own business to help other creatives pursue their dreams. One of my first shoots was for Pip Keane Design. I reached out to Brisbane artist Tiel Seivl-Keevers to shoot in her studio, and together with model Annaliese, makeup artist Rianna Schuh and hair stylist/stylist Caroline Ross we created this fabulous shoot featuring Pip’s jewellery and Dogstar clothing.

After the shoot I felt that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. xx


Babes in Linen - Testimonial

“Christina is an absolute joy to work with and has such a beautiful eye for detail. I am a new small business owner and talking with Christina about the direction of Babes in Linen and how I wanted the bedding to be visually presented, she offered sound advice and ideas. Christina just knew how to capture what I was thinking. She is a great listener not to mention a very good business mentor too. After speaking with her I sent off a few bags of bedding from my linen range and Christina worked her styling magic. Within days I had photos. The most beautiful photos that were tastefully styled in settings that I had only ever dreamed of. Photos that showed the colours of the linen in true form and with such clarity. Christina is a brilliant photographer but she is also a great thinker and resourcer of props and shoot locations. I am so pleased that I get to work with her and look forward to what is to come. I suggest you do the same.”

Veronica Lang

Founder & Owner